Eternity Passage Theme Park Further Highlights Tech’s Mainstream Role

Newsletter|7 months ago

Technology's role in China is growing, obviously, but it's something beyond increased connectivity, opportunity and efficiency. It's become main stream, but even that description short changes its influence. Celebrities are becoming angel investors a

CEO Micha Benoliel’s FireChat App and 6 Billion Smartphones

Profile|7 months ago

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Micha Benoliel when he spoke at our annual conference--SYNC San Francisco.  Their app, FireChat, builds a mesh network that allows communication without cellular service. FireChat rose to fame last year when i

The Squirrelz to the Rescue: A Chinese Startup Takes on Waste and Ecommerce

Insight|9 months ago

We encountered The Squirrelz at the Chinaccelerator Demo Day a few weeks ago at ShanghaiTech University and were inspired not only by their 双赢 business model, but by how their concept captures so many of the features that make China such an appealing

“We Need More American Products in China” – Jack Ma Pitches Alibaba in NYC

Insight|9 months ago

During a speech at the Economic Club of New York at the Waldorf Astoria on Tuesday, Jack Ma provided insight into Alibaba's plan for global growth. "The strategy for us is helping small business in America go to China, sell their products to China."

Uber Becomes the People’s Champ in China

Insight|9 months ago

Uber's journey through China will be the stuff of business classes for years to come. The most recognizable name in the sharing economy has been busy finding a way to tap into the world's largest market. With over 1.3 billion people, half of them liv

WeChat 6.2 Adds Fingerprint Scan for Payment

Newsletter|9 months ago

Apple innovations have incredible ripple effects globally, and as Apple Pay becomes more widely adopted, other mobile payment platforms are following suit. WeChat has been adding tons of functionality, and this week announced they will also make it e

Xiaomi Sticking to the Script: Confirmed Testing of DJI like Quadcopter

Insight|9 months ago

On a couple occasions I've encountered commentary that posits it is not the goal of Chinese tech companies to be the first company to do something, but to hang back and see what happens before calibrating and executing accordingly. While this is undo

Four Apps That Could Make Your Life (Too) Comfortable in China

Newsletter|10 months ago

Consumption in China has transformed since smartphones started getting churned out in the coastal provinces a hand full of years ago. While many aspects of life--communication, education, transportation--have changed similarly in developed countries

It’s Frothy, but Defensible–VCs Assess High Valuations Across China

Insight|10 months ago

Silicon Dragon held its Beijing event last night and a panel of Chinese VCs weighed in on the current white hot environment for startups and their predictions going forward. According to Bloomberg, "The average Chinese technology stock has a price-to

Half A Billion Users in China, But How Global Will WeChat Be?

Insight|10 months ago

WeChat is often touted, rightfully so, as one of the the best modern Chinese exports. It has connected over 540 million active users* with a product that smoothly integrates some of the best features of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp along with som